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Getting Your Fence Ready for Fall

Getting Your Fence Ready for Fall

Here is what you can do to get your fence ready for fall.

We’re getting towards summer’s conclusion, which means we’re getting closer to the times of pumpkin spice and enjoying cozy sweaters. But beyond that, it’s time for you to get your yard ready for the upcoming fall weather. Part of preparing for the fall is to check on your fence and make sure it’s ready for the change in weather. It has to be capable of handling cooler temperatures and any moisture that might try to settle on it. Here is what you can do to get your fence ready for fall.

Check For Damage

All fences will get damaged over time, although some fences are more susceptible to damage than others (wood being more vulnerable than vinyl, for example). Wooden fences may suffer from rot as a result of summer rainfall and will need to be properly addressed before leaves start piling around your fence and after snow comes down during winter. Getting the fencing replaced is often the best option. Here are signs of a rotting fence:

  • You see boards caving in
  • Your posts are loose and unstable
  • Your gate sags and doesn’t close properly

You might also have loose fence posts. If it’s only a few boards that are problematic, you’ll likely be able to repair your fence. Otherwise, new fencing may be needed. It’s important for your fence to be ready for the upcoming weather ahead of time. You don’t want to be scrambling to get preparations done at the last second.

Get It Waterproofed

For fences made out of wood, they are likely going to make it through the autumnal season if you don’t see signs of rot right now. However, you still want to be sure your fence is waterproofed so that there won’t be a risk of rotting in the future. A splash test can be done to quite literally test the waters. By splashing water onto your fence, you can determine if waterproofing is needed. If the water beads up, you’re a-ok. If the water either makes the wood darker or it gets absorbed, you’ll need to do some waterproofing before rain kicks in and does more serious damage.

Keep Leaves Off Of Your Fence

When fall comes around, you’ll start having to deal with piles of leaves. It’s best for you to keep these leaves away from your fence. Leaves can absorb moisture from any rain that comes down. When leaves are near your fencing, they can transfer that water to your fence. Again, this is mainly a problem for wooden fences. Vinyl fencing doesn’t have the same problems with rotting, but you still have to worry about algae growing. Avoid all of these potential problems by raking leaves away from your fencing when they come down.

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