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How to Get Ready for Your Wood Fencing Installation

How to Get Ready for Your Wood Fencing Installation

Wood fencing is a great traditional choice in terms of look and charm.

If you’re looking to install or replace the fence on your property this year, there is a lot that goes into the decision. You may be looking at fence installation on personal or business property, and the fundamental qualities are going to be the same: strength, stability, privacy, and protection within your budget. For many people, the search for these qualities brings them to the tried, true, and traditional choice of wood fencing.

Is Wood The Right Choice?

Wood fencing is a great traditional choice in terms of look and charm, but it does require maintenance over the years. Other choices, like vinyl, don’t require maintenance but have a larger up-front cost. Once you decide that wood is the way to go, you may still have to choose between multiple wood types. These options will each give a unique look to the fence, so be sure to talk to your contractor about what is available to you.

How Do You Prepare?

The best choice when it comes to installing fencing is to hire a professional. You can choose to DIY this type of project if you have the skills, tools, and know-how, but hiring a professional is best. When you’re looking for a professional, look for a company with a proven track record of satisfied clients, and one that offers great customer service and support when you call. Once you choose a company, there may be a few things you need to do, such as cleaning your yard of debris and toys or furniture that might get in the way. You also might have to check with other governing bodies, like your home owner’s association, if you have one (your company should know what permits they need and how to get them). Finally, you should talk to your neighbors, letting them know about the fence project and making sure they are aware of the date and start time for the work.

Will There Be Maintenance?

Wood fencing does require maintenance, specifically periodic staining and sealing. This work will protect your wood fencing and keep it from rotting or otherwise deteriorating as the years go on. You will also need to periodically check your fence for any signs of damage, like loose or broken boards and clear away leaves, branches or debris that accumulates around it.

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