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Security Fence Installation for Protection

Security Fence

A fence is more than just a grate or wall around one’s yard. It is a statement that tells everyone around you, “I value my home and property and I can protect my own interests.” A well-designed fence can say a lot about a home and its owner. The barrier around your yard highlights your priorities and desires. The phrase “Good fences make good neighbors” is unfortunately growing truer; as such, a fence that provides the best security makes the strongest statement of all.

Types of Security

The best kinds of statements are tailored to fit the audience. Fitting with this, there is a great array of fences to provide different types of security. For people who want privacy, installing a fence that shows very little of the protected yard from the outside is a priority. These fences come without space between the boards and can even forego gates in order to keep unwanted solicitors out and force all visitors to enter from a specific angle that you can more easily monitor. Designing the fence in a stepped formation allows you to specify the parts of your yard that need the most protection while allowing outsiders to see as much or as little beauty as you want them to see. Blocking out natural interruptions such as wind or wildlife requires a little more planning. Reducing wind can be achieved with a lower wall around seating areas while protecting gathering points with higher boards. Stopping wildlife can depend on your area: deer can leap eight feet into the air and require very high fences, while smaller animals may burrow under the fence and require boards that dig into the ground instead. Consider these when trying to keep pets in your yard, too. Fences from three to six feet in height should scale with the size of your largest outdoor pet and should root into the ground about six inches in order to prevent digging under to escape. A fence that blocks seeing, at least at pet height, may help keep your pet quiet and calmer when people or cars pass by.

Fencing Decision-Makers

Before deciding which fence is the right one for your home, you should consider basic homeowner needs first. Make sure that your housing zone allows fences in the first place. Installing a fence without the proper permit can lead to fines or other legal action. Know where your property ends, as annexing a neighbor’s yard space will only cause feuds, and stealing public land will also lead to legal action. Note any underground utility lines before erecting the enclosure, too, since striking a power line or water pipe while digging will cause major damage to the community, while blocking off access can lead to damage to that delightful new fence.

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