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Signs Your Fence Installation Was Done Incorrectly

Signs Your Fence Installation Was Done Incorrectly

Here are just some of the key signals associated with an improper fence installation.

For the most part, homeowners tend to gravitate towards fences for a variety of different reasons. In fact, homeowners typically opt for fencing to surround the perimeter of their properties for a number of different reasons — from being a lovely landscape feature to providing much-needed privacy or security. The reality is, fence installations are really essential for homeowners overall. Ultimately, installing a fence absolutely requires a professional to get the job done right — but when done improperly, you can be left with disastrous results. Here are just some of the key signals associated with an improper fence installation.

Completely Ignoring Property Lines And Your Neighbors

Before you hire a fencing contractor, it is key that you take the time to actually determine your property lines. In fact, there are typically very specific requirements associated with your locality that makes the most out of the rules and regulations regarding adding fences and other accessories to your property. The reality is, some local communities are a bit stricter than others — so it makes it necessary that you look at the rules and regulations that you need to abide by before you initiate a fence installation. Ultimately, knowing your property lines and the rules surrounding your property lines will be the perfect way to ensure that you make the most out of your fence installation — without worrying about getting into neighborly disputes.

Minimal Height

Having a fence that isn’t the proper height — or lacks height in general can be a clear sign that the fence installation might have been done improperly. In fact, when it comes to a properly installed fence, you want to make sure that the height makes sense with your property overall. The reality is, fence height is so important to the effectiveness and the efficiency of your fence generally. Ultimately, you’ll definitely want to consider your needs as you embark on finding the perfect fence for your humble abode — consider that if you have a swimming pool or plan on installing one, you’ll likely need a six foot fence installed around it for safety reasons. If you install one that is shorter, you’ll end up spending more money and time on installing another one in the end.

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