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How Fences are Affected by Different Kinds of Weather

How Fences are Affected by Different Kinds of Weather

Keep your fences in the best condition they can be in by being aware of what nature might throw at you.

As durable as your fence may be, extreme weather conditions can certainly take their toll. Whether that means snow or rain or wind or exposure to the sun, they can all end up causing damage in certain cases.

This depends on the material your fencing is made of and what kind of maintenance you perform, of course, but we want to provide you with a general rundown of how different kinds of weather conditions can damage a fence. Keep your fences in the best condition they can be in by being aware of what nature might throw at you.

Rain Damage

Often times fences are pressure treated and sealed, which should ideally prevent many of the issues associated with rain. However, if enough rain gets its way into your fence, it will cause damage. For wood fences, that typically means rot, warping, and sagging. But any kind of fence is susceptible to the problems that come with too much rain, including the potential of introducing mold to your fences. A wood fence without any sealant on it is the most likely type of fence to be impacted by the rain, so make sure you’re taking steps to protect that wood and apply a good sealant.

Snow Damage

Snow might appear nice but it can also cause plenty of havoc when it comes to our fences. Enough weight from heavy snowfall and your wood or vinyl fence may begin cracking—or a board might even snap. After snowy days, make sure you check your fences for any signs of damage like cracking or holes. You may even want to brush snow off of your fence if it’s accumulating enough.

Wind Damage

Most fences should be able to stand up to even the gustiest of wind. That said, if your fence isn’t installed properly, it’s certainly possible that the wind can pick your fence up and toss it like a paperweight. Even if your fence is installed properly, the real risk is that wind will pick up other debris and throw it at your fence. Make sure you replace any damaged posts after heavy wind comes rolling through to prevent any further damage.

Sunlight Damage

You may not think of sunlight as being able to cause damage, but it can! This is especially true of wooden fences, which are susceptible to fading and discoloration when exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Choose materials that are durable and UV resistant and you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about sunlight damaging your fence. Alternatively, make sure you’re applying a stain or other finish that can help protect your wood fence.

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