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What Not to Do During Fence Maintenance

What Not to Do During Fence Maintenance

These are among the mistakes you should avoid making during fence maintenance.

When deciding on a fence for your property, one factor to consider is how much maintenance will need to be done on it.  No fence is without its maintenance procedures, but some fences require more maintenance than others, such as aluminum or vinyl ones. If you want your fence’s longevity to be as high as possible, you need to make sure you’re performing your maintenance procedures the right way and not making any mistakes. These are among the mistakes you should avoid making during fence maintenance.

Don’t Plant Greenery Near the Fence

Planting greenery right next to your fence is not a good idea. If you really feel compelled to plant any bushes or trees nearby, you need to give your fence at least one foot of distance away from them. For larger trees, you’ll need even greater distance.

Also, if there is mulch around your fencing, the fence could absorb too much moisture, which could allow mildew and mold to develop. This can make your fence rot, and while you could make mold and mildew cleanup a part of your fence maintenance routine, it’s easier to just not put any mulch near the fence, especially with wooden fences, because replacing wooden fences impacted by rot isn’t easy.

Don’t Paint Wooden Fences

For anyone who owns a wooden fence, you might think it’s a good idea to paint it. However, painting a wooden fence often has more negative effects than positive ones. Paint makes it easier to trap moisture within the fence, which causes rotting to occur more easily.

It’s also not advised that you paint vinyl fences. If you see that a vinyl fence looks more dull than normal, you should scrub it down using some warm water and soap instead of painting it. After you’ve scrubbed it down, just rinse it off, and you’re good to go.

Don’t Lean Heavy Items Against Your Fence

While many fences are incredibly sturdy, you should still refrain from resting heavy items against them. Over time, your fence could get damaged this way. Sometimes, fence panels could bend, and in other instances, they could break off entirely. That’s why it’s safer to keep any heavy objects away from your fencing as a part of your fence maintenance procedures.

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