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Getting Your Sagging Fence Gate Repaired

Getting Your Sagging Fence Gate Repaired

If you’re trying to get your sagging fence gate repaired, here are the steps you will want to take.

Do you have a sagging fence gate? If you do, getting it repaired as quickly as possible is the best thing you can do. If you take too much time to make repairs, further damage will accumulate, and it will become more costly and time-intensive to get everything fixed. It could also get more damage and cause security concerns for you. If you’re trying to get your sagging fence gate repaired, here are the steps you will want to take.

Determine if Repairs are the Best Solution for Your Fence Gate

Inspecting your gate will provide some insight into whether or not performing repairs will be the most effective solution for your problem. Take a look at your fence posts, as well as your gate’s structure, and look at the damage. Do you have rotting wood that can’t be fixed? Are the hinges the issue? Knowing the reason that your fence gate is sagging will make it easier to determine if you can make repairs or if you need an entirely new gate.

Replace the Loose Parts That are Holding Your Sagging Fence Gate

A common source of sagging gate concerns will be your fence posts. Soil erosion is a common issue, and this occurs when soil freezes and starts shifting. While we’re still in the middle of fall, and this is a problem most common in winter, it’s something you’ll want to consider as we inch closer to the next season.

When soil erosion occurs, your fence posts could come loose, which means your posts can’t keep your fence gate supported anymore. This is what ultimately causes your gate to sag.

Get your gate removed from your post and then remove the post from your fence while keeping your fence supported. After that, you should excavate your post out of the soil and see if it has sustained damage.

Lastly, get the hole fixed with pea gravel and soil, slide the post back to where it was, and reattach your fence. The hinges and gate should be refitted so your fence can go back to how it was.

Hinges Could be the Source of the Problem

If your hinges aren’t good quality, they could be the reason for your fence gate’s sagging problems. Hinges tend to rust, and eventually, they will come away from your fence post or gate.

Remove your gate from your post so you can get the hinges replaced. When you replace the hinges, be sure you invest in high-quality ones.

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