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Four Kinds of Wood a Wood Fence Could Use

Four Kinds of Wood a Wood Fence Could Use

Here are four kinds of wood that a wood fence could use.

Wood fencing is a timeless classic. It’s been around for decades, and it allows homes to establish a more traditional feeling to them. Are you aware that there are different types of wood you could use for a wooden fence, though? Different types of wood have different attributes, and we want to review a few kinds of wood with you to help with your decision if you’re going to install a wood fence. Here are four kinds of wood that a wood fence could use.

Redwood Wood Fence

You could make your whole fence using only redwood, but there are different grades of redwood that could be used throughout the installation. If you want high quality for your redwood fence, you want the type of wood that has a deeper red tone to it. This kind of wood should get treated by using either a clear finish or some kind of stain. If you don’t apply a finish to your redwood fence, the captivating red color you would normally get will be replaced with a less appealing gray-like color.

Cedar Wood Fence

Cedar is the perfect type of wood for people’s backyard fences. This is because cedar comes with acids and natural oils that help keep pesky insects away from your fence, and it makes your wood more rot-resistant. With the added protection that cedar wood provides, it helps your wood fence last much longer.

Cypress Wood Fence

If you’re trying to find an appropriate alternative to redwood or cedar, then cypress wood fences are perfect for you. They have a reddish-tan color to them, which gives them that charming aesthetic, but at the same time, they still retain rot-resistant and insect-resistant properties. These fences are great both for ornamental and structural purposes.

Pressure Treated Wood

Of all of the options we’ve listed, pressure-treated wood is the one that is most budget-friendly. This chemically-treated wood is also resistant against insects and rot, and can last you for as long as 20 years, sometimes even longer. Just be sure to maintain these fences properly to ensure you get as many years out of them as you can.

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