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Written and Unwritten Fencing Rules You’ll Want to Know

Written and Unwritten Fencing Rules You'll Want to Know

Here are the fencing rules you should follow before you begin your installation.

People have many reasons for installing fences. Sometimes, it can be due to how cost-effective a fence is and how fences help raise property value. Other times, the main incentive is to boost a property’s aesthetic appeal. Some people set up fences for protective reasons, such as keeping intruders away from the property. Whatever the reason may be, before anything else, you need to have the fence installed. When preparing for the installation, though, there are certain written and unwritten fencing rules you’ll want to follow. Here are the fencing rules you should follow before you begin your installation.

Inform Your Neighbors When You’re Planning a Fencing Installation

It’s not technically a law to let your neighbors know when you’re installing a fence, however, it’s a common friendly gesture that you’ll want to extend to them. Keep in mind that they will also be impacted by the installation. Perhaps they have to move things around before construction starts, such as flowers that could be too close to where all of the construction gets taken place. Since you’re also affecting your neighbors’ yards to an extent, you should make an effort to let them know that the installation will be happening, and you should tell them when said installation will occur.

Consult Your Local Government

Not every local government makes homeowners acquire permits prior to fencing installations, however, there are many who do. Zoning ordinances will typically let people know how large a fence is allowed to be, and they’ll put a limit on the maximum height you can have.

There could also be fencing rules you have to follow that were made by your homeowner’s association. For example, they can make fencing rules limiting what colors your fence can be and what materials are used to create it.

Don’t Leave Dogs Unattended

Dogs are a large responsibility, and while having a fence around your yard may provide extra protection, it’s still no reason to leave your dog alone in the yard. If you end up doing this, your dog could begin exhibiting behaviors that surrounding neighbors will likely not appreciate. Your dog may begin digging or barking, and both of these behaviors can wear people’s nerves down over time. Some dogs also get very anxious and will resort to aggressive behaviors like biting if they feel threatened. That’s why it’s up to you to stay by your dog and make sure everything stays fine.

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