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Fencing Risks That Can Lead to Escapes From Your Dogs

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Here are some problems fencing can have that can lead to dogs escaping your yard.

When you have a fence around your yard, it gives you the freedom to let your dog out and get some fresh air. Or so you might think. While many fences can keep dogs safely in your yard, others might not be as capable of containing your pet. Fences that have significant damage are easier to bypass, meaning dogs have an easier time escaping and getting into danger. Here are some problems fencing can have that can lead to dogs escaping your yard.


While footholds don’t signal anything is wrong with the fence itself, they do present a risk to any dogs you may have. If dogs can find places in your fencing where they can plant their paws, it makes climbing over the fence much easier.

For this reason, it’s often best to use a solid fence. Solid fences won’t have spaces in them that could make scaling them easier.

Watch Out for Items Near Your Fencing

Sometimes, the fence itself can help your dog climb over it. Other times, though, your dog could get over your fence with the help of nearby items that could act as stepping stools. Keep boxes, trash cans, and other items that can be climbed away from your fence so that your dog can’t launch off of them and escape.

Dogs Can Squeeze Into Spaces Beneath Your Fencing

Not every dog is going to try jumping over your fence to get out of the yard. Some dogs will opt for the more covert approach and look to get under your fence by fitting through spaces towards the bottom. There are many stimuli that can pique a dog’s curiosity, whether it be a delicious aroma from a neighbor’s backyard barbecue or the bark of another neighbor’s dog.

You need to make sure that both the top and bottom of your fence cannot be bypassed. It’s impressive how creative dogs can get with their escape routes, so you have to take every precaution to prevent them from getting out. Leaving anything to chance may give your dog the opportunity to get out of your yard and get into danger.

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