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Halloween: Make Your Own Backyard Haunted Forest

Do you want your backyard to be an exciting place for your family and friends during Halloween? If yes, we are here to tell you how to make a backyard-haunted forest for Halloween!

To make a backyard haunted forest for Halloween, design spaces with different themes in your backyard. Pick what rooms you will be decorating in your yard. Make sure each space in the yard leads to the other, until each space is interlinked, some way or somehow.

Be sure to use decorations made for the outdoors that will last in any weather condition. Set a mood in each atmosphere space. For examples, you can use a fog machine or backlight a few decorations to create a spooky glow.

Hire some friends to dress up as monsters and jump out at visitors the night of Halloween. Make sure you have a few friends that are theatrical or hire local actors to get the job done and done well. Make sure they have good places to hide. It is key to utilize the element of surprise in your haunted forest design.

Be sure you know who will be going through your haunted house and forest. Decorate the themes to an age group appropriate level, especially when interacting with young children.

For older children and adults, you can add a little bit of fake blood droplets but do not try that on young children. Be creative. Be safe. Be fun.

For more information on creating a great backyard haunted forest, watch this video from Misty Valenta, an Presenter.

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