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Hercules Fence Proud Sponsor to Forrester Construction’s Adoption of ORR Boys & Girls Club

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Hercules Fence Proud Sponsor to Forrester Construction’s Adoption of ORR Boys & Girls Club

Hercules Fence is an enthusiastic sponsor of corporate America’s commitment to serving the local community. Recently Hercules Fence has sponsored Forrester Construction firm in adopting The ORR Boys & Girls Club located in Ward 8, South East Washington D.C.

The ORR Branch of the Boys & Girls Club in Ward 8 is a full-service year-round Club for youths 6 to 13 years of age. At the moment, there are 150 students participating in the program. The club offers athletic, educational, recreational and arts programs in a fun, safe and structured environment.

Forrester Construction Company currently has five ongoing projects in Ward 8.

How has Hercules Sponsorship to Forrester Construction’s Adoption of Orr Boys & Girls Club benefit Ward 8?

–         Forrester Construction Company has provided Orr Boys & Girls Club with computer donations valued at over $10,000. Out of these computer donations, the Club will use 10 laptops as educational tools for the after school program called “Power Hour.” The laptops will be used for homework assistance, improve student technology skills, improve students’ research skills and better prepare students for Middle School.

–         For Forrester Construction’s October Community Involvement Day, Hercules Fence donated time and resources to improving Orr Boys & Girls Club’s facilities.

Here are just a few of the improvements done for the Orr Boys & Girls Club facilities:

-Painting of the exterior playground space.

-Repairing, pruning, and patching playground fields and fencing.

-Replacement of interior and exterior lights and bulbs.

Here are a few pictures of what Hercules Fence has accomplished for Forrester Construction’s Adoption of ORR Boys & Girls Club (you can find more on our Facebook page):

Forrester Construction’s October Community Involvement Day, Hercules Fence donated time and resources to improving Orr Boys & Girls Club’s facilities.

Hercules Fence & Forrester Construction are proud to help the ORR Branch of the Boys & Girls Clubs.

To learn more about Orr Boys and Girls Club, read this article from

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Halloween: Make Your Own Backyard Haunted Forest

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Do you want your backyard to be an exciting place for your family and friends during Halloween? If yes, we are here to tell you how to make a backyard-haunted forest for Halloween!

To make a backyard haunted forest for Halloween, design spaces with different themes in your backyard. Pick what rooms you will be decorating in your yard. Make sure each space in the yard leads to the other, until each space is interlinked, some way or somehow.

Be sure to use decorations made for the outdoors that will last in any weather condition. Set a mood in each atmosphere space. For examples, you can use a fog machine or backlight a few decorations to create a spooky glow.

Hire some friends to dress up as monsters and jump out at visitors the night of Halloween. Make sure you have a few friends that are theatrical or hire local actors to get the job done and done well. Make sure they have good places to hide. It is key to utilize the element of surprise in your haunted forest design.

Be sure you know who will be going through your haunted house and forest. Decorate the themes to an age group appropriate level, especially when interacting with young children.

For older children and adults, you can add a little bit of fake blood droplets but do not try that on young children. Be creative. Be safe. Be fun.

For more information on creating a great backyard haunted forest, watch this video from Misty Valenta, an Presenter.

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Doggy-safety: How to stop your dog from jumping the Fence

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Are you a dog lover? Are you tired of your dog jumping the fence? Are your neighbors complaining? If your answer is yes to any or all of the above, we are here to help you keep your dog on the right side of the fence!

It is no secret for dog lovers that one of the biggest fears for a dog owner is to have his or her dog jump the fence. Dog owners fear their beloved and loyal companions will get hurt by leaping the fence, endangering its life, endangering another life, or worse run away from home! If you are not noticing the trend, most of the consequences of your dog jumping the fence are negative outcomes.

The purpose of a fence for a dog owner is to keep your dog safe, other pets out and to prevent your dog from escaping your property. Once a dog learns to jump one fence, it will learn to jump other fences.

The first method of keeping your dog safe and you out of legal trouble is to understand why your dog would want to jump your fence or any fence.

Look at your environment. What is internally in your fenced in environment? What is externally around your fenced in environment? If you were your dog, which one would you choose (be honest with yourself)?

Some likely reasons your dog might jump the fence may be based on loneliness from lack of companionship. Another reason would be another animal being outside the fence. It might want to chase or scare this animal. Your dog might also be attracted to the animal on the other side of the fence. Or your dog might be suffering from extreme boredom! Sometimes the act of jumping the fence can be exciting for your dog to do, if the fenced in area lacks fun for your dog.

If you are not certain at all why your dog would jump the fence, watch its behavior. Does it need something or is your fence too short?

If you think it is not your dog’s behavior but the size of your fence, Hercules Fence has a diverse selection of residential fencing for you and your pet – Ornamental Aluminum/ Steel, Galvanized chain link, custom wood and more! The higher your fence, the less likely your dog will jump over your fence! Read this article from Dog Obedience short cuts on how to make your dog more obedient and obtain information on the minimum fence height compatibility for the average-sized dog.

Another great suggestion for you is to make an enclosed dog run for your dog within your yard. Your dog will love its own dedicated space and you will love it more knowing your dog is out of harms way.

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Memorial Day Safety Tips For Kids

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Memorial Day weekend is a time for celebration. Many families will be going away on vacation, taking full advantage of the three-day weekend. Others will stay at home and barbeque, inviting friends and family over to partake in grilled goodies. And others may take this time to open up their pool for the summer.

No matter what your plans are this Memorial Day, one thing should be on the top of your list – safety. Did you know that Memorial Day is one of the most dangerous holidays for children? It’s true. According to “Pediatrics,” the American Academy of Pediatrics journal, Memorial Day ranks second, next to Labor Day, as the holiday with the most reported child related injuries.

So how can you keep your children safe this Memorial Day? This article from provides a few simple guidelines you should follow.

Water Safety:

With Memorial day unofficially marking the beginning of summer, it is inevitable that many families will take this opportunity to open their pool for the summer. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 200 or more children younger than 15 drown in pool- or spa-related accidents between the Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays. So it is vital to supervise your child at all times when around the pool.

Vehicle Safety:

If you and your loved ones are the adventurous types, make sure to practice proper safety this Memorial Day. One fun weekend activity is riding ATV’s, but although these vehicles are a blast to drive, they are, like any vehicle, still very dangerous if proper safety precautions are not adhered to. The U.S. Consumer Safety Product Commission has determined that ATV-related deaths increase in the summer months. In 2009, over the four days marking the Memorial Day weekend holiday, the CSPC noted 27 ATV-related fatalities.

The Importance of Adult Supervision:

The key to keeping your children safe is to supervise their activities. You do not have to be looking over their shoulder every second of the day, but knowing where your children are and checking on them from time to time can go a long way. Of course for more dangerous activities, like swimming and ATVing, adult supervision should be provided at all times.

A Few More Miscellaneous Tips:

  • Apply sunscreen frequently to avoid sunburns.
  • Children should be instructed to drink water often to reduce the chance of dehydration.
  • Bug sprays will help keep children bite free.
  • Keep children away from grills in operation.
  • Supervise groups of kids playing sports or games to ensure activities and behavior remain safe.

A safe Memorial Day is a fun Memorial Day. If you have any questions, contact Hercules Fence by calling (800) TU FENCE or click here today!

Grill Safety Tips

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

It is almost that time of the year again. Time to clean the deck, straighten up the back yard and polish up your old grill. It’s almost barbeque season. But before you going firing up your gas or charcoal grill for the first time this year, take the proper precautions to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones

Every year, grilling accidents account for over 130 injuries and 30 deaths. Most of these accidents occur when consumers first use a grill that has been left idle for a significant period of time (like an entire winter). So it is very important to be extra precautious this time of year.

This article from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission provides several helpful tips to keep your barbeque safe and enjoyable.

Gas Grill Safety Tips

•     Check the tubes that lead into the burner for any blockage from insects, spiders, or food grease. Use a pipe cleaner or wire to clear blockage and push it through to the main part of the burner.

•     Check grill hoses for cracking, brittleness, holes, and leaks. Make sure there are no sharp bends in the hose or tubing.

•     Move gas hoses as far away as possible from hot surfaces and dripping hot grease. If you can’t move the hoses, install a heat shield to protect them.

•     Replace scratched or nicked connectors, which can eventually leak gas.

•     Check for gas leaks, following the manufacturer’s instructions, if you smell gas or when you reconnect the grill to the LP gas container. If you detect a leak, immediately turn off the gas and don’t attempt to light the grill until the leak is fixed.

•     Keep lighted cigarettes, matches, or open flames away from a leaking grill.

•     Never use a grill indoors. Use the grill at least 10 feet away from your house or any building. Do not use the grill in a garage, breezeway, carport, porch, or under a surface that can catch fire.

•     Do not attempt to repair the tank valve or the appliance yourself. See an LP gas dealer or a qualified appliance repair person.

•     Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions that accompany the grill.

Charcoal Grill Safety Tips

•     Never burn charcoal inside of homes, vehicles, tents, or campers. Charcoal should never be used indoors, even if ventilation is provided.

•     Since charcoal produces CO fumes until the charcoal is completely extinguished, do not store the grill indoors with freshly used coals.

Remember to be safe. Happy grilling!


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