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Choosing Between a Wood or Metal Privacy Fence: Pros and Cons

Choosing Between a Wood or Metal Privacy Fence: Pros and Cons

Find out what material you should use for your privacy fence.

There are two main options to consider when installing a privacy fence: wood and metal. There are different incentives for installing each onto your property, and knowing what each fence has to offer will make your decision much easier. Find out what material you should use for your privacy fence.

Wooden Privacy Fence

Wood is one of the most popular choices for homeowners who want a privacy fence. There are many different styles of wood available, ranging from cedar to pine. You can stain the wood to show off its natural elegance, or you can paint it so that it matches the exterior of your house. Wood is also an easier material to work with over metal because you can cut it to whatever size you need with ease. It’s also easier to install a wooden privacy fence. All you need is some screws and nails to get your fence sections secured to your posts. It’s also easier on your wallet to choose wooden fencing as wood has a lower upfront cost. You may have to repair it, but the beauty of choosing wood is that you only have to replace the posts that get damaged instead of replacing the entire fence.

But wood isn’t without its drawbacks. It’s more taxing to maintain because you have to stain or paint it once per year to keep it looking good and to protect it against rotting and unwanted pests. Ultimately, wood will also wear out and need replacing at some point. Wood fences don’t last as long as their metal counterparts.

Metal Privacy Fence

There are many options for metal fencing, including aluminum, wrought-iron, and chain link. If you go with a metal privacy fence, there’s almost no maintenance required, and they can withstand brutal weather. Metal fences also last longer than wood because it’s a more durable material.

The bad news is that a metal privacy fence would be more expensive, but you save money long-term by avoiding maintenance and repair costs. Metal fences also lack variation in style, so it can be challenging to find one that complements your home. Lastly, if your metal fence gets damaged, you’ll likely have to replace the entire panel instead of only replacing the parts that were damaged.

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