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Choosing the Best Temporary Fencing Option for You


Choosing the Best Temporary Fencing Option for You

To help you pick temporary fencing, here are the three most essential criteria to consider when making your purchase.

Temporary fences are perfect for anywhere that needs barricading for short amounts of time. They can be installed quickly and are easy to remove around if needed. But you have to put some thought into your fence when you go to make a purchase. Not all fences are created equally, and you want the best fence you can get. To help you pick temporary fencing, here are the three most essential criteria to consider when making your purchase.

Heavy Bases

While permanent fences are rooted in place with foundations or posts that get forced deep into the ground, temporary fencing can’t be done this way. Since temporary fencing has to be mobile, you have to have a movable base that lets it stay in position. Heavy bases are ideal for this purpose. They make it more challenging for unwanted guests to move the panels, and it makes the panels more resistant to severe weather conditions.

Make Temporary Fencing from Strong Materials

You can get temporary fencing made out of lightweight materials like plastic and be perfectly fine if you just need to establish a boundary around an area. But these fences don’t do well if you’re looking for security. To properly protect your premises, you’re better off going with metal temporary fencing. Metal is incredibly durable and protects you against intruders who try to use blunt force to get through your fence.

Temporary Fencing Needs Reliable Structure

Mesh security fences have incredible resilience. They soften the impact that your fencing panels sustain from outside forces of any kind, which makes it tougher on criminals who want to break the fence down and get into your property. Criminals have to spend a great amount of time and energy to try and make a hole in a mesh fence because they need to cut through the fence one wire at a time. While there are many types of temporary fencing available, if you go with a wire mesh fence, you won’t be sorry. Going the extra mile to get fencing with such a high level of protection does you a world of good long-term, even if your fencing is only needed in the short-term.

Let Hercules Fence Help Set Up The Perfect Fence For You

Hercules Fence takes pride in being experts in residential, commercial, and high-security fencing. We have been serving our clients since 1955, with only the most knowledgeable of staff. Our staff is ready to serve you from Maryland and the Washington Metropolitan area. Our branch offices are in Manassas, Richmond, Newport News, Norfolk, Virginia, and Maryland.

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