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Determining the Ideal Height for Your Privacy Fence

Determining the Ideal Height for Your Privacy Fence

Here is how you can plan how tall your privacy fence should be.

It can be a tough task trying to decide what height would be ideal for your privacy fence. A lot of factors go into the final decision, and it’s important that you take all factors into consideration before you start your installation. If the height of your privacy fence isn’t thought out carefully, it will either not serve the functions you want it to serve and/, or it will have to be taken down for legal reasons. Here is how you can plan how tall your privacy fence should be.

What Role is Your Privacy Fence Going to Serve?

If you’re installing a privacy fence, you should have a good reason for making the installation. After all, it takes a good amount of time and money to create the fence, so you want that time and money to be worth your while.

The role for your privacy fence can be whatever you want, but the role could be influenced by your surrounding area. Maybe there are neighbors who can peer into your yard, so you need your privacy fence to keep people’s wandering eyes away. Maybe your fence is needed to surround a pool you have installed in the yard. Sometimes, a fence can be used to keep pets, such as dogs, from getting distracted by cars that pass by.

Just consider what you want your privacy fence to accomplish, and decide on a height accordingly. You might want to consult with a fencing company if you are unsure of a good fence height.

Know That a Tall Privacy Fence Isn’t Always the Best Option

Many customers think that it’s always best to get the tallest privacy fencing they can possibly get. However, as we mentioned earlier, you should think about what purpose your fence will serve. Not all fences need to be as tall as possible to serve their role, and taller fences may even be counterproductive to your goals, depending on the fence’s roles.

For example, if you’re installing a fence around your garden, it’s bad to have an incredibly tall privacy fence because you keep light from reaching your plants and letting them grow. You also won’t want to be spending extra money on fencing materials if they aren’t needed.

Consult Your Local Building Office

Understand what heights are permitted for fencing in your area. There are height limitations in various places around the country, so you can’t always have the fence height you’re planning to have. By consulting with your local building office ahead of time, you avoid running into legal issues later that would cause you to take your fence down.

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