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Hercules Fence helps restore the National Mall

There are high-profile jobs, and then there are HIGH-PROFILE jobs.  In the U.S., it doesn’t get much higher than the National Mall in Washington, DC, so you’ll forgive us if we toot our own horn about the work we did there.

A lot has been made during the last few years of the deterioration of the Mall and its sites.  The wear and tear of 25 million visitors annually is showing as detailed by the Trust for the National Mall. The National Park Service, which maintains it, is developing a plan to give the Mall a facelift.  We were honored and happy to contribute to the mall’s revitalization by installing new fencing around some of the most hallowed and most visited landmarks in our nation including the Washington Monument, Lincoln and Jefferson memorials, and the Korean, Vietnam, and World War II memorials.

We oversaw the project from conception to completion. We selected an attractive chain-and-post design that steered visitors away from protected areas while still inviting them to visit the landmarks.  We then installed nearly three miles of custom fencing in the area.

Obviously, it’s easier for anyone to close off an area where a large project is in progress, but in such high-traffic area as the Mall, that’s hardly possible.  As you can see in the video and slideshow of the project, our skilled installers took great care and pride as they performed the task while sightseers continued to make their way around the monuments.

From fencing in the smallest yard to projects like this, Hercules Fence is up to the task and delivers expert service and same eye for functionality and aesthetics for all our customers.  Contact us to learn more.

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