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How to Keep Fence Rotting From Happening

How to Keep Fence Rotting From Happening

Here is what you can do to stop fence rotting from occurring.

For anyone who owns a wood fence, you know that one of the biggest problems you can face is fence rotting. Fence rotting impacts your fence’s look, making it less appealing, and it makes the fence weaker. Since most wood fences are stuck into the ground, rot can seem like an inevitability. But there are ways you can prevent rotting if you’re attentive to your fence. Here is what you can do to stop fence rotting from occurring.

Understanding Wet & Dry Rot

To know how to prevent fence rotting, you first have to know which type of rotting threatens your fence. The two main types of fence rotting and dry and wet rot. Wet rot happens when your wood is constantly exposed to moisture. Signs of wet rot include the softening of your wood and potential wood cracking. You might also see fungus growing or notice a damp smell on your fence.

Dry rot, on the flipside, occurs when your wood is left out in extremely dry climates. Protective oils will be removed, making your fence more vulnerable. Dry rot is signaled by your fence being easily broken. You likely have dry rot if pieces of your fence break apart easily in your hand. Just like with wet rot, you might notice a damp smell, which is caused by the decaying of the fence.

Keep Rot in Mind When Picking Out Fencing Materials

You want to be proactive when dealing with fence rot, and the best way to do that is to have your fence made from rot-resistant materials. Some of these materials include cedar, cypress, and juniper. It’s also recommended that you invest in treated wood because it’s good for fending off termites and lowering your chances of rot.

Stain Your Fence Whenever It’s Necessary

If you stain your fence consistently, you can help keep fence rotting under control. You should stain your fence at least one time every year. However, depending on where you live, that number could rise. Factors that affect how often you should stain include how much rainfall your area gets, your average outdoor temperature, and the soil that is around your fence.

If you’re unsure of whether or not your fence needs staining, spray some water on it. Water that gets absorbed into your wood’s interior instead of beading on the exterior needs a new stain.

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