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Why Wood Fence Repairs and Maintenance are Important

Why Wood Fence Repairs and Maintenance are Important

If you aren’t repairing or maintaining your wood fence, here are the reasons you should.

Many homeowners have a fence surrounding their yard, and these fences are installed for different reasons, depending on the homeowner’s intentions. No matter what purpose your fence has, however, repairs and maintenance are always going to be necessary for keeping your fence intact and functional. A wood fence can last for as long as 12 years if it is made from lumber that is untreated, while fences made with pressure-treated lumber can stay up as long as three decades. If you aren’t repairing or maintaining your wood fence, here are the reasons you should.

Why Your Wood Fence Needs Repairing

A wood fence isn’t going to stay in good shape on its own. Weather plays a heavy role in how long your fencing lasts. Heavy rain and wind can cause serious damage, and as we get closer to winter, snowstorms can impact your fencing as well.

Beyond that, your fence can get damaged by impact, such as if a vehicle runs into it. Insect damage is also a possibility.

What Repairs Should Be Done?

Your fencing repairs will vary based on the type of damage it sustains. Areas suffering from rot need to be cut and replaced with new wood so that the rot doesn’t grow. If you have nails popping out, they need to be replaced with new ones so that they don’t injure anyone. Sagging fences can be fixed with tension rods or braces.

What Maintenance Needs to Be Done?

To avoid bigger problems down the road, regular maintenance is a must. If you keep up with regular maintenance, you won’t spend nearly as much time or money fixing bigger problems. It can also help with your fence’s longevity. There are a few things you can do to minimize your odds of your fence taking more serious damage later. First, keep leaves and vines away from your wood fence because these can fall or grow on it. Keeping sprinklers away from your fence can lower your chances of having it develop rot. Lastly, pressure washing can help it look like new all of the time.

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