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Keeping Your Ornamental Iron Fence in Good Shape

Keeping Your Ornamental Iron Fence in Good Shape

There are procedures you can follow to help maintain your ornamental iron fence.

An ornamental iron fence can get exposed to all sorts of weather conditions throughout the year. It can fade due to intense heat in the summer. Sometimes, paint can get scratched up and leave the bare metal exposed, which can eventually lead to rusting. Fortunately, there are procedures you can follow to help maintain your ornamental iron fence.

Give Your Fence at Least One Inspection Per Year

If you inspect your ornamental iron fence at least one time every year, you’ll be able to find potential problems and get those problems fixed before your fence can take on additional damage. See if there are any missing caps, signs of rust, scratches, or any broken hardware. These are some of the problems you’ll want to address the moment you see them.

Get Your Fence Waxed and Washed

With the help of car wash soap, you can get rid of pesky specks of dirt and dust that may gather on your fence. Once your fence has washed, you can put wax on it, which offers additional protection against fading due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Trim Vegetation So It’s Away From Your Fence

While plants and vines can look attractive around your fence, they also pose risks to it. Plants can slowly eat away at your ornamental iron fence, causing coats of paint to deteriorate, which will then leave your fence vulnerable to rust.

Cut back the length of your plants so that they don’t get too close to your fence. This way, you can still enjoy the appeal factor while avoiding the potential risks that come with the plants being too close in proximity.

Don’t Let Your Fence Get Wet When You’re Sprinkling Your Yard

You should never have your sprinklers be in the range of your ornamental iron fence. Too much exposure to water will accelerate the rusting and corroding process. If you use sprinklers around your yard, make sure that they cannot hit your fence with any water.

Deal With Rusty Spots the Moment You Detect Them

If you see rust on your ornamental iron fence, it means that the metal layer your fence has is getting exposed to air and moisture. You should use sandpaper to address rusty areas on your fence. Be sure to remove rusty spots entirely, then wipe down the spots where there was rust in order to get rid of rust dust. After all of that is done, paint over those areas to give them added protection.

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