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Knowing When It’s Time for a Fence Replacement

Knowing When It's Time for a Fence Replacement

Sometimes a fence replacement could be the best bet for your humble abode.

Owning a home is a big deal — it’s often the biggest investment you’ll make in your entire life. In fact, homeowners will often have quite lofty dreams of what they want their home to look like. The reality is, fences are often associated with a dream home. Ultimately, a fence is a great addition to any home but they can only last a certain amount of time — even with the proper maintenance. Here are some tell-tale signs that your fence might need to be replaced immediately.

Holes In Your Existing Fence

If the boards on your fence have any holes, then it might be time to replace the fence itself. In fact, holes are typically caused by insects or other animals that have got into your fence itself. The reality is, whether you have termites or mice, these pests can really wreak complete havoc on your existing fence. Ultimately, depending on the type of material of your fence, even the slightest amount of pests can be severely damaging to a fence. If your fence is made of wood or other material that is sensitive to the minor presence of pests, then it might be time to finally replace your fence once and for all.

Experiencing Splintered Wood

Just like with any other issues with your fence, finding splintered wood on your fence can be a key sign that the fence is in disrepair and needs to be replaced. In fact, it might look like just an aesthetic issue but splintered wood can actually be a structural issue regarding your fence. The reality is, finally replacing a fence that has any splintered wood is integral to the structure of the fence overall and the protection and safety you need from the fence itself. Ultimately, with splintering wood, you will typically also end up experiencing cracking in the wood itself which can be detrimental to the fence overall. At the end of the day, knowing what to look out for when it comes to your fence is the best way to ensure your home is safe for many years to come. That is why sometimes a fence replacement could be the best bet for your humble abode.

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