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Signs That It’s Time for a Metal Fencing Replacement

Signs That It’s Time for a Metal Fencing Replacement

Metal fences are quite a durable option. However, even the best fence materials can experience wear and tear.

The concept of metal fencing replacement might seem strange. After all, metal fences are quite a durable option. However, even the best fence materials can experience wear and tear. It’s essential to be proactive in fence maintenance for that reason. Here are the signs that you might need to replace your steel, iron, or aluminum fence.

If Accidental Damage Has Happened to Metal Fencing

Has your fence experienced structural damage from a motor vehicle crash, falling trees, or a weather-related event? If so, then metal fencing replacement should happen as soon as possible. Damaged areas will not only make your fence less durable. However, this damage impacts your safety, privacy, and security.


Modern metal fencing comes with specialized rust-resistant material. However, metal fences aren’t entirely immune to rust spots. We suggest that you have these spots repaired before they eat away at your fencing and cause it to crumble. We also advise paying close attention to the joints that keep the fence standing. Rusty and corroded joints can cause this structure to lose its structural integrity.

Bent, Warped, Leaning, or Sagging Metal

A leaning fence is a safety hazard no one should ignore. You shouldn’t merely attempt to bend back bent areas because, at this point, there is severe damage. In addition, this type of motion will cause your metal fencing to weaken even further. The structure could fall and hurt someone. Also, as it learns more and more, it could pull down connected fencing materials and nearby structures.

Damaged or Exposed Fasteners

It’s always best to look at the screws or nails holding your fence together. If your fasteners are corroding, sticking out from your fence, are wearing down, or are no longer securing segments of your fence together, your fence has a high chance of falling apart.

Corroding Welds

Metal fences have welded areas that contribute to the fence being so strong. Unfortunately, rust appears at welded joints commonly, causing them to become weak and split. Extensive repairs of welds can be challenging. Therefore, more often than not, a metal fencing replacement is better.


Is a metal fence installation on your mind? Would you like to have a new-and-improved metal fence on your property? If so, call Hercules Fence today because our over 50 years of experience in the fencing industry is unmatched. Steel, iron, and aluminum fences are a wise investment that you won’t regret.

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