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Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Fence

Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Fence

Here are a few maintenance procedures for your fence that can help keep it in good condition this summer.

Summer fence maintenance is needed as temperatures rise and humidity becomes a bigger threat to your fence. Failure to carry out fence maintenance procedures could compromise your fence’s structure, and may even force you to get it replaced. The best way to keep your fence from getting damaged is to be proactive, taking precautions to ensure it doesn’t suffer heavy damage in the first place. Here are a few maintenance procedures for your fence that can help keep it in good condition this summer.

Get Rid of Debris

It’s common for various forms of debris to pile up along your fence throughout the year. If left alone, your fence could start having problems with mildew or unwelcomed pests like insects. Your fence may even start to rot. The best way to prevent these problems is to get rid of the debris right away.

Check For Looming Branches

Look above your fence and see if there are any branches hanging above it. Part of proper fence maintenance means trimming those branches. If you don’t, they could fall off and cause damage to your fence, or even other parts of your landscape. Sometimes, branches may even fall on parts of a neighbor’s property, which can cause additional problems. If the branches you want to trim are on your neighbor’s property, make sure to talk to them first. Go over what you want to do, and get their permission before you go trimming their branches.

Monitor Your Hinges and Latches

Make sure that your hinges and latches are secure. This is a finite detail that can often go overlooked. However, fence maintenance isn’t all about the big picture. Sometimes, you need to focus on smaller details.

Apply New Paint or Stain As Needed

Depending on how long it’s been since you last painted or stained your fence, you might need to apply a new layer. A new paint job or stain is an integral part of fence maintenance because the paint or stain you use acts as a sort of barrier between your fence and the intense summer heat of the sun. By applying either a fresh coat of paint or a new stain, your fence is likely to last much longer.

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