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Why Vinyl Fencing is the Ideal Pick for Summer

Why Vinyl Fencing is the Ideal Pick for Summer

Find out why vinyl fencing is the pick you should make for the summer season.

While summer can be a season filled with fun activities, there are also a handful of problems that can come up, and some of these problems can impact your fencing. You want to be able to enjoy your outdoor landscape during the summer, but you’ll be required to use more time and money to keep your fence in good condition. With that said, some fences are better-suited for summer than others, and if you don’t already have a fence installed, vinyl makes for some great fencing material. Find out why vinyl fencing is the pick you should make for the summer season.

Vinyl Fencing is Resistant to Moisture

Typically, you will see a rise in moisture levels during the summer. When moisture levels go up, weathering is more likely to happen to your fence, as well as greater moisture retention. When your fence retains more moisture, the fencing material begins expanding, and, in the case of material like wood, you will see an acceleration in rotting. You could also face problems such as mold, which can spread to places beyond your fence, making your property less safe overall. Iron fences have their own struggles, such as accelerated rusting rate.

However, if you go with vinyl fencing, you invest in a fence that is more resistant to moisture than other materials. It doesn’t take too much maintenance to handle, and it will have an easier time holding its color and shape.

Vinyl Fencing is Resistant to Pests

There are plenty of pests roaming about during the summer. You’ll see all sorts of critters, such as termites or even mosquitoes. Something problematic about these little guys is that some of them make meals out of your fence, depending on the material from which your fence is made.

Wood fences, for example, are vulnerable to many pests, like bees and the appropriately-named carpenter ants, which means pest control gets added to your list of maintenance routines.

Vinyl fencing doesn’t have this same problem with pests. Most of the critters we’ve mentioned aren’t even interested in vinyl material. Even if they wanted to nest in a vinyl fence, the strength of the vinyl would give critters a tough time trying to make that happen.

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