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Halloween Fence Decorating Suggestions

Halloween Fence Decorating Suggestions

Here are some Halloween decoration ideas you can try on your fence.

Are you a Halloween enthusiast? If you are, then you’ve probably set up plenty of decorations already. Whether you take the spooky route or you want to take the autumnal-themed approach, there are plenty of ways you can get your landscape ready for the holiday.

One area around your yard that you may not have thought to decorate is your fence, but there are many manners in which you can set it up to help your yard feel more festive. Here are some Halloween decoration ideas you can try on your fence.

Caution Tape

Using caution tape is a simple yet effective way to instill an ominous feeling around the border of your property. It can make your yard feel more intimidating to enter. With caution tape around your fence, who knows what spooky horrors await people in your yard?

You can also choose to add some fake spiderwebs or a “Do Not Enter” sign. Features like these will really help you push the scary aesthetic and make your home the talk of the town.

Black Cats and Bats

A couple of black cat figures and some rubber bats will help bring your haunted house to life. If passersby aren’t prepared, they might be spooked by the creepy creatures lurking around your yard. Cat figures can go at the foot of your fence, while rubber bats can be hung on the fence posts. With even a gentle breeze, any toy bats hanging from your fence will practically fly on their own!


Have you ever wanted your yard to feel like a graveyard? If you have, then skeletons are a great place to start. Hang some fake skeletons along your fence posts. With the bony brigade blocking the entrance to your yard, no one will dare approach your house!

Lights Can Help Create a Spooky Atmosphere

Lights are used for many purposes, and while Halloween is a night-themed holiday, you can still use them to create dramatic effects for your home. You could use string lights that are in the shape of jack-o-lanterns, for example. Another option for those who want a more realistic-looking haunted house is to light their properties with candles or lanterns. These will make your yard feel more ominous, making your yard a place where only the most courageous of people would have the nerve to enter!

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