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Reviewing Fence Post Caps and Why They’re a Great Addition to Your Fence

Reviewing Fence Post Caps and Why They're a Great Addition to Your Fence

If you don’t already have fence post caps, we’ll go over them with you and review why they’re great for your fence.

Fences make great additions to people’s properties. Because of this, you’ll want to treat them with the utmost care and protect them as best as possible. One area that can get damaged on your fence is the fence posts. Fortunately, you can give your posts extra protection with the help of fence post caps. If you don’t already have fence post caps, we’ll go over them with you and review why they’re great for your fence.

Fence Post Caps: What are They?

Fence post caps are coverings that you install on the tops of your fence posts. They can be seen as both decorative features, as well as features that serve a vital function by keeping your fence posts protected.

These caps are available in a wide range of colors, such as white, black, or green, meaning they can be designed to complement all kinds of properties. You can also get these caps made from many materials, such as wood and vinyl.

They’re Not Just Decorative

The most susceptible area of any fence post is going to be the end grain. When the weather gets wet, the tops of the fence posts absorb the most water when compared to the other areas of your posts. When this happens, it can result in the development of moss, mildew, and mold. Eventually, rotting will occur too. On the opposite side of the coin, intense sunlight can also be a problem because it dries out your fence posts. For wooden fence posts, cracking can occur too.

This is where fence post caps come into play because they act as a personal shield to your fence posts. They protect your posts from the various effects of weather, allowing your posts to last longer and stay safer. You can stay safer as well because the rough edges of fence posts will be concealed underneath your fence post caps, making it less likely for your hands to accidentally pick up any splinters.

Some fence post caps are even good at providing protection against different kinds of wildlife. You could even get your caps spiked if you don’t want certain animals sitting on top of your posts.

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