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How to Make Hearts as Valentine’s Day Fencing Decorations

How to Make Hearts as Valentine's Day Fencing Decorations

Today, we’ll go over how you can decorate your fencing with hearts this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and the first things that may come to mind during this holiday include flowers, chocolates, and letters/cards to those we love. In addition to all of these heart-warming traditions, you can express these feelings right in your own yard by decorating your fence with Valentine’s Day-themed designs.

One way to decorate your yard for the holiday is by adding hearts to your fencing. It’s a simple yet effective manner of showing your Valentine’s spirit. Today, we’ll go over how you can decorate your fencing with hearts this Valentine’s Day.

Go With Bright and Noticeable Colors

You want people to easily notice the decorations you have on your fence. Therefore, bright and vibrant colors for your hearts seem most appropriate. Red is the traditional color of choice, and if you’re going to have any color of heart on your fence, red is likely the most suitable pick.

You can switch it up if you want and add a variety of colors if you wish, though. Other colors, such as yellow, purple, and blue, can be just as captivating.

No Need to Spend Too Much on Decorations

Decorating your fence for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be an expensive ordeal.  All it takes is some balls of yarn that have a few festive colors, and you’re good to go. You can make larger hearts or go with smaller ones, and you can even use polymer clay to make your hearts even nicer. An extra perk of these hearts is that you can store them and reuse them in future years, or for other special occasions, such as birthdays.

Consider Using String Lights

Have you thought about placing string lights on your fence? It’s the perfect way to add some more elegance and beauty to commemorate the holiday. Just put some up along your fencing so that your fence has a warmer feel to it. This way, your fence will even have extra appeal at night.

Put Up a Festive Wreath

Holidays like Christmas aren’t the only times you can use wreaths. You can put up a festive heart-shaped Valentine’s Day wreath to help get into the holiday spirit. Some wreaths are even available in white and red colors so that your wreath can be even more in touch with the holiday.

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