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Which Type Of Gate Is Best For My Privacy Fence?

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This simple guide will help you choose the best kind of gate for your residential privacy fence.

When you’ve already made the investment in a privacy fence, you want a gate that works well too. Choosing the right kind of gate, however, may not be as easy as it seems. You want your gate to match the general style of your fence but also do a great job at keeping your home out of public view. This simple guide will help you choose the best kind of gate for your residential privacy fence.

Solid Gates

A solid gate is the best choice for homeowners who want absolute privacy. With a solid gate, no one will be able to peer into your home. If you have a solid wood privacy fence, a solid gate can be easily installed to match your fence. If you have a bamboo privacy fence, a bamboo gate can be installed to match as well. Even if you have a more decorative picket fence, you can opt for a solid gate that matches well with your preexisting fence.

Hybrid Gates

You’ve heard of hybrid cars, but hybrid gates? A hybrid gate is ideal for the homeowner who wants the privacy of a solid gate but also likes the look of a more ornate design. With a hybrid gate, you can use the same material as your privacy fence, but add a bit of flair to the design. With a traditional lattice design, you will still have the privacy you desire, but it will allow for more sunlight to trickle in.

Cantilever Gates

A cantilever gate is another phrase for a sliding gate. Sliding gates are ideal for homeowners with limited space. If your home is on a busy street, you may find it impossible to have the privacy gate that your home requires. Think again. With a cantilever gate, you won’t have to make for additional space to allow the gate to swing open or shut. The gate will simply slide open and closed whenever you need to enter or exit your home. It’s that easy.


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