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Know Before You Glow: Fence Lighting Ideas

fence lighting

With these fence lighting ideas, your yard will look gorgeous even after the sun sets.

Adding lights to your fence will create an enchanting outdoor scene, which is perfect for late summer and early fall. With many lighting choices to choose from, there are lights that will play up your fence, your yard, and your home all at once. With these fence lighting ideas, your yard will look gorgeous even after the sun sets.

Underlighting Trees

If you have trees lining your fence, this will create a beautiful dreamy look with underlighting. By using lights that shine upward, the trees will be illuminated as well as your fence. Your guests at your outdoor parties will be mesmerized by the warm, welcoming glow of your fence lighting.

String Lights Along The Top

String lights have been popular for years and for good reason. String lights and garden lights create the perfect ambiance for outdoor spaces. When draping these lights along the top of your fence, you’ll not only be making your backyard more beautiful but you’ll be making it easier for people to see as well.

Task Lighting For Better Vision

You can also add lights along the top of your privacy fence to enhance to your security measures. Not only will potential burglars be deterred by the extra light, but you’ll have a much clearer vision of what’s going on outside. This kind of downward lighting also makes it much easier to see when hosting backyard dinner parties or pool parties. You’ll feel safer and more secure with lighting that goes all the way along your fence.

Lining The Bottom

Lining the bottom of your fence with string tube lights is a great idea as well. This creates a similar dreamy vibe to uplighting the trees along your yard, but with this design idea, you’ll have continuous lighting throughout the entire length of the fence. This kind of lighting is easy to install and easy to move if you want to make any changes in the future.


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