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3 Tips For Revitalizing An Old Fence

fence maintenance

Bring your fence back to life with these simple fence maintenance tips!

With the severe weather that Maryland has seen lately, your fence might be looking like it needs a little help. Even if your fence hasn’t been particularly damaged by the weather, years of wear and tear cause a lot of stress on the wood. Bring your fence back to life with these simple fence maintenance tips!

Power Washing 101

If you already own a power washer, you probably know how to use one and understand how effective it is. If you don’t own your own power washer, you can easily rent one. Power washers are the best way to get the deepest, most thorough clean for anything. While renting a power washer, you might find more uses for it than just your fence. Power washers are great for decks and patios too — any outdoor area that collects a lot of hard-to-clean dirt and grime. You’ll need to attach your garden hose to the power washer first. Then snap a 25-degree tip onto the wand and keep the wand about 18 inches away from the fence as you spray.

Fixing The Problems

While you’re power washing, take note of any areas of your fence that may be damaged. After thoroughly washing your fence, allow time for it to dry. If you come across any areas that are split or broken, glue the pieces back together with waterproof wood glue. With a screwdriver, you can easily tighten any loose boards. Be sure to use stainless steel or waterproof screws to prevent rusting. Realigning gates and doors may be tricky, depending on the type of gate that you have. If you have any trouble with your gate, a local fencing specialist can help.

Staining And Waterproofing

One of the easiest ways to stain your fence is to roll it on. Once you’ve rolled it on, you can go over harder to reach areas with a brush. Make sure you take care of any drips and cover even the smallest areas of your fence.


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