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Different Types of Residential Fences And Their Uses

Different Types of Residential Fences And Their Uses

We’ll go over different materials from which residential fences can be made to help you decide which material suits you the most.

Residential fences do wonders for people’s yards. Their extensive list of perks, from increased privacy to enhanced curb appeal, are among the incentives people have for installing them. The toughest decision may not even be if you should install one. Instead, that choice may solely be which material to use for the creation of your fence. Each material has its tradeoffs, so your decision will hinge on your preferences and where you live. We’ll go over different materials from which residential fences can be made to help you decide which material suits you the most.


Chain-link residential fences are very common, and they play all kinds of roles around the yard. They’re perfect for families with pets because they help keep them in the yard, unable to wander off and get into danger.


Metal fences are a little more expensive than chain-link fences. However, you get a lot for your buck. Residential fences made of metal offer both functional and decorative traits. You reach a healthy compromise between a fence that gets your yard noticed and a fence that offers sufficient protection. You can possibly cut down your price a little if you elect to use aluminum to build the fence.


Privacy fences, unsurprisingly, give your landscape more privacy. These fences keep your yard concealed, allowing you to turn your yard into a getaway from the stresses of day-to-day life. The second perk of privacy fences is that you can create them from all kinds of fence materials. They can be made from wood, vinyl, and other materials as well.


Picket fences are a true American staple. They have been the residential fences of choice for many homeowners for decades, and it’s not without good reason. While these fences are usually viewed as solely decorative, you’d be surprised by how much functionality they have. They are built with wide posts made with sturdy materials like wood and vinyl. This gives you a fence that both looks great and functions perfectly. Just because they were used back in the day, it doesn’t mean they can’t be perfectly fine in the modern era as well.

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