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How to Keep Dogs From Getting Past Your Fence

How to Keep Dogs From Getting Past Your Fence

Here is how you’re able to prevent your dog from getting past your fence.

For those who have dogs as pets, you might have decided to install a fence around your yard to keep them from running away and getting into danger. Unfortunately, fences don’t always keep dogs contained. Many dogs will attempt to jump over a fence or consider digging underneath it, and you need to be sure your fence will keep your dog in the yard no matter what. Here is how you’re able to prevent your dog from getting past your fence.

Get Rid of Anything That Helps Them Escape

Dogs can be quite cunning. You’d be surprised how resourceful they can be. They can use everyday items to help escape your yard. What looks like an ordinary garbage can to you could be seen as a stepstool in the eyes of your dog. Firewood could be used in a similar manner. They could even get out with the aid of low-hanging tree branches. You have to be sure that there is nothing in the vicinity that would help your dog get past your fence.

Limit Your Dog’s View

When your dog is able to see what’s on the other side of your fence, they get the motivation to make the escape. They might find other dogs, people taking walks, or squirrels wandering about, all of which would encourage them to try to get out.

There are a couple of ways you can limit your dog’s view beyond the fence. If you have chain-link fencing, you could add plastic slats to help limit visibility. Sometimes, planting fast-growing vines is the way to go, which adds extra aesthetic appeal to the yard in the process.

Stopping Dogs From Digging Under Your Fence

Many dogs trying to dig beneath your fence are resilient. It’s not often enough to simply fill in the holes that they dig, and this can get tiring when you end up doing it every single day. What you need is a more permanent fix to the problem. An L-footer is a great solution for this issue. You can get a fencing company to help set one up for you. These are handy because they can cut dogs off from the areas where they would attempt digging. If you let grass grow on top of these structures, just keep that in mind when cutting the grass because you don’t want to accidentally mow over them.

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