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Which Gate Should I Get For My Privacy Fence?

privacy fence gate

This guide will help you choose the right gate for your privacy fence.

When you have a privacy fence installed, it’s clear that you’re looking to build your own sanctuary. Privacy fences are a great innovation that allows you to keep prying eyes out and to enjoy your property. However, when you’re having one installed you should put just as much thought into the gate as you do into the fence itself. There are a variety of gates, all with their own advantages. Here’s a short guide about these gates.

Solid Gates

If you are looking for complete privacy from your neighbors, look no further than a solid gate. These gates are designed so that nobody will be able to see through them at all. This means you can spend time in your yard without worrying about anybody peeking into your space. You can get a gate that matches your fence for maximum privacy purposes. This will allow you to enjoy your newfound privacy regardless of what your fence is made of without having to sacrifice any of it.

Hybrid Gates

Hybrid gates provide a great compromise for homeowners who like the privacy solid gates provide but still want a gate that includes some decorative elements. Just like you would with a solid gate, you would use the same material that makes up your privacy fence. The only difference is that your gate would have some designs on it and it most likely won’t be completely opaque. For example, if you choose to have a gate with a lattice design, it’ll provide some aesthetic value but the nature of the design will allow light to come through.

Cantilever Gates

You might know cantilever gates as “sliding gates”. Regardless of what you call them, these gates are ideal for homeowners who don’t have much space for a gate to open. For example, if you live on a busy street, you might not have that much space between your home and your neighbor’s home. Fortunately, when you install a cantilever gate you’ll be able to slide it to open it instead of swinging it open. These gates are an excellent option for homeowners who have to be particularly mindful of the space around their homes.


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