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4 Reasons To Install A Privacy Fence

Privacy Fence

There are a number of reasons why a privacy fence might make sense for your property.

A fence around your property is often the first thing people notice, hopefully, because it is strong and beautiful, not because it is ugly and falling down. If your fence is ugly and falling down, it may be time to think about the best options for replacing it. You want something that will be safe, secure, sturdy, and low maintenance. But how high do you need it to be? Read on for four reasons why your next fence should be a privacy fence.


There’s a reason this characteristic is in the name of the fence. It is the single biggest reason people opt for a privacy fence: they want more privacy. A tall privacy fence with a sturdy gate will give you the freedom to use your hot tub or sunbathe by your pool without fear of someone watching you. Similarly, you can let your kids play in the yard without fear of someone seeing them or reaching over the fence to them. If privacy is your main concern, opt for a tall fence made from an opaque material like wood or vinyl, rather than chain link.

Marking Property Lines

Fences are the best way to mark property lines and keep people from encroaching on your land. When you have a lot of property, this is a big deal because people could be on your property without you necessarily seeing them.  In more densely populated areas, you may think that keeping your neighbor out of your yard isn’t a big deal. If her summer squash plants crawl into your garden and take over, or his dog decides to use your grass instead of theirs, remember that a privacy fence will solve these problems. A fence on your property line is also a sure way to know where your maintenance responsibilities begin and end.


Privacy fences also offer security. In addition to keeping people from seeing into your yard and watching you or your family, they also keep people from entering your yard. You can feel safe that someone won’t be able to steal your stuff or take your kids. A sturdy privacy fence will also keep the local wildlife, like foxes and deer, out of your yard and out of your garden if you have one. A privacy fence doesn’t just keep people out, it also helps ensure that your kids and pets stay safely within your property.


Finally, the final benefit of privacy fences is that many of them just look really nice. They are aesthetically pleasing, finishing the look of your home and complimenting your landscaping.


When you are ready for a residential or commercial fence that will meet the security and aesthetic needs of your family home or business, trust the experts at Hercules Fence. For more information and to learn how we can meet your custom fencing needs, contact Hercules Fence online or give us a call at 800-395-9597. We will ensure your investment serves your family for years to come! For updates and to see projects we’re working on, visit us on  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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