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How To Turn Your Fence Into A Privacy Fence

privacy fence

Here’s how to turn your fence into a privacy fence.

When you’re on your property, you expect some sense of privacy. Whether you’re relaxing in your home or lounging on your back porch, there is an expectation that you should be able to do so away from prying eyes. No matter how much you like your neighbors, sometimes you just want some privacy when you’re on the outside of your home. While you may have a fence installed already, you might have noticed that it’s lacking in the amount of privacy it provides. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you how you can turn your home’s current fence into a privacy fence.

Extend Your Fence Vertically

While this is an excellent way to increase privacy, it’s crucial that you check with your homeowner’s association to see whether or not your fence will be up to code following the extension. Adding extensions to your fence has both aesthetic and functional value. You can add decorative toppers to show off your sense of style or opt for a more classic extension that just serves its purpose.

Use A Privacy Screen

If your home is in a place where there’s taller buildings or vantage points that allow it to be seen by other people, adding a privacy screen is an excellent idea. Essentially, you’ll be adding a second fence that is taller than your original one and placing your new “fence” in front of the old one. Using a privacy screen could serve as a creative way to get around any regulations that prohibit extending your fence vertically.


Add A Lattice

Some fences are more apt to promote privacy than others. For example, a wood fence is better suited to offering a sense of privacy than chain-link ones are. If you have a chain-link fence, all is not lost though! You can add lattice to your fence to help obstruct the view of your property without having to do much in terms of installation. You would simply have to fasten the lattice to your fence, and you’ll instantly boost your privacy! Also, keep in mind that this won’t completely obstruct things but it is a good way to retain air flow around your property.


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