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What do you need to know before starting a fence project?

Wood fencing

Are you planning to hire a professional fence contractor to install a residential fence or commercial fence this holiday? Then there are things you should know about  fence styles and installations to get what you need from your fence contractor.

A well designed fence can improve your level of privacy, safety and enhance the overall appeal of your property.Having a great fence for your property will  help you not only designate your property lines but also secure your property without sacrificing sophisticated style.

Before your fence installation can be completed, you need to select your fence material, decide on the height of your fence,  and where on your property a fence is best suited for installation. More importantly you need to identify how you will like to use your fence.

Here are common uses of a fence:

– Pool fence
– Dog Run fence
-Child Safety fence
– High Security Fence
– Privacy fence
– A fence for enhanced curb appeal
– To establish multiple living spaces

The best privacy fences are usually made from wood or vinyl  to make your property less transparent to the outside world. You can use a child safety fence, pool fence or other security fence setup to protect lives and keep unauthorized individuals out of your property whether you are present or not for supervision.

The one thing that’s commonly wonderful about  residential and commercial fence is the capability to   highlight the beautiful features of your landscape and overall property. Yes, a fence can make your driveway, storage unit or overall property more appealing. Some fences can even protect your property from the weather elements.

If you are not sure where to start with your fence project, Hercules Fence is here to help you make the right choices for your fence project, from start to finish.

Yes, we can build you a noise control fence by creating a custom fence that’s tall and extremely solid.

Yes we can create a custom ornamental fence for your property to add decorative appeal to your property exterior.

Take a look at our low maintenance fencing, high security fences, residential fencing and custom commercial fences to get started on your fence project today.

Here at Hercules Fence we pride ourselves in installing custom fences. Let us design a stylish and reliable fence for your property.

We have been designing quality residential fences and commercial fences since 1955. See what our customers think about our services on our testimonials. Hercules Fence specializes in designing and installing residential fencing, commercial fencing and high security fencing.

Let us know what you need and we will create a structure you are truly proud to gift this holiday season.

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