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Keeping Your Fencing Protected Against Snow

Keeping Your Fencing Protected Against Snow

Here’s what you need to do so your fencing is safe against snow.

We’re in the middle of March, meaning that we’re just about ready to start the spring season. Perhaps, however, you’re experiencing some last-minute snow before the winter season wraps itself up. If you have a fence around your yard, this snow can prove to be problematic. It’s important to keep your fencing protected against snow so that you can continue to get as much use out of it as possible in the future. Here’s what you need to do so your fencing is safe against snow.

Trim Nearby Tree Limbs

Snow on its own may be capable of damaging your fence, but something else snow can do is weigh down nearby tree branches. If tree branches are weighed down by snow, they can fall onto your fencing and damage it. That’s why you should trim these branches ahead of time so that they don’t fall onto your fencing later.

Keep Snow Away From Your Fencing

While it’s impossible to keep every last snowflake off of your fencing, you should try to remove as much snow as you can from the base of your fence, especially if your fence is made out of wood. Wooden fences are susceptible to moisture damage, meaning snow will cause a lot of harm if it’s allowed to stick around your fence.

Avoid using sharp objects like shovels to remove the snow because you don’t want to damage your fencing while removing the snow. Instead, stick to something like a leaf blower that will gently blow the snow away.

Replace Fence Boards That are Missing

Do you have any missing fence boards? If so, you should replace them immediately. Warped fence boards collect more snow than ones that aren’t damaged. Also, if fence boards are missing, it allows snow to pile up in those empty spaces. By replacing fence boards quickly, you reduce the amount of impact that snow can have on your fencing.

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