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Tips for Proper Wood Fence Maintenance

Tips for Proper Wood Fence Maintenance

By following these steps for proper wood fence maintenance, you can get your fence to last for years.

Building a wooden fence can be perfect for your outdoor living space. With a wooden fence installed on your property, you give your yard more privacy, protection, and curb appeal. With that said, Mother Nature has a way of wearing down your fence over time. When this happens, you’ll need to be ready to maintain your fence to keep it in good shape. By following these steps for proper wood fence maintenance, you can get your fence to last for years.

Fence Maintenance Involves Using Protective Paints, Stains, and Sealants

Painting and staining are essential for preserving your fence. Not only does it improve your fence’s appearance, but the paint, stain, or sealant you use will serve as a protective layer that can protect your wooden fence from the elements. In the first year, painting and staining will be a big part of fence maintenance, asking you to apply protective layers multiple times. After the first year, reapply every couple years so that your fence stays protected.

As Part of Fence Maintenance, Point Sprinklers Away From Your Fence

You’ll still need to water your lawn and plants throughout the year. When you do, part of proper wooden fence maintenance is to keep your fence protected from water. You might be wondering why this is important since your fence will get hit by rain throughout the year. You don’t want sprinklers hitting your fence because the water from sprinklers is often treated with various chemicals. It’s these chemicals that cause damage to your fence rather than the water itself. If you point your sprinklers away from your fence, you preserve your fence’s lifespan.

Keep Soil and Plants Away From Your Wood

You might be wondering why plants and soil could compromise your fence’s longevity. It’s not the plants or soil themselves that harm your fence; it’s the insects that gather as a result. If grass, plants, and soil get closer to your fence, it makes it easier for insects such as termites to get close to your wood fence and cause severe damage. That’s why part of wood fence maintenance doesn’t directly involve your fence; it involves the foundation on which it’s built. By keeping your grass and trees branches trimmed and your topsoil brushed off, you keep unwanted insects from doing any damage to your wooden fence.

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