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How Can a Wooden Fence Be Harmed By Cold Weather?


How Can a Wooden Fence Be Harmed By Cold Weather?

Here is how a wooden fence can get damaged by cold weather.

Cold weather can be brutal to many aspects of your house and yard, and your fence is no exception. A wooden fence will be especially vulnerable to the cold. It can be burdened by the weight of a heavy blanket of snow. It’s possible that wood cracks, and sometimes, moisture can even be a problem. Knowing what can harm a wooden fence will help you prepare for potential damage down the road. Here is how a wooden fence can get damaged by cold weather.

Moisture Damage

Moisture damage happens gradually, but it can be a serious problem once it finally settles in. The moisture from snow and rain will begin to ingrain itself in your wooden fence. Once the water has settled in, it begins to rot your wooden fence.

Heat-processed wood and water sealers can help your fence defend itself against rot. Cold weather makes it more difficult for wood to dry, so you’ll have to be the one to take action if you want to save your fence. While some people try to save money with untreated wood, the extra cost of treated wood can be of great help to you long-term.

Fluctuating Temperatures Cause Wood to Crack

Water does more than cause wood to rot, especially when temperatures fall. When water freezes, it expands, which can make your wooden fence crack. As temperatures go up and down, repeated instances of melting and freezing take their toll on your wood. Your fence will become weak, and what’s ominous is that the damage may not be noticeable until pressure is applied to it.

Be Wary of Snow Drifts

This is a problem that may be familiar to some of you. Heavy snow drifts have the ability to bring trees and walls down. When you add wind into the mix, you have a recipe for disaster. Fortunately, you can prepare for snow drifts by using boulders and trees to shield your fence. It also helps if you can shovel some of your snow away to avoid drifts becoming too large and unbearable for your wooden fence to endure.

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