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Making Your Fencing More Suitable for Birds

Making Your Fencing More Suitable for Birds

Here is how to make your fencing more bird-friendly.

There are an abundance of reasons that people decide to install fences. Sometimes, they want to protect their yards. In other situations, they may want to keep wildlife away. On occasion, a fence may go up for privacy purposes. Whatever the reason may be, fencing will always serve a purpose.

Unfortunately, not every creature benefits from fencing, and birds are among the creatures that can be harmed because of them. Sometimes, birds collide with fences and can become injured, sometimes even killed if they crash with enough force. If you’re concerned for the birds in your area, there are steps you can take to make your fence more pleasant for them. Here is how to make your fencing more bird-friendly.

Add Some Ribbons to Your Fencing

Ribbons are a simple yet effective way to improve your fencing for your avian visitors.  They make it easier to notice your fence, which means there will be fewer birds crashing into it and getting hurt.

Make Sure Your Fence is Maintained

Your fence can get damaged over time, resulting in possible hazards for birds, such as jagged edges or broken wires. These can pierce through birds fairly easily, especially at the velocity at which they travel. If you maintain your fence, you’ll notice when there are broken pieces sooner rather than later. This minimizes the time during which birds could get themselves injured due to these imperfections.

Don’t Make the Fencing Any Higher Than it Needs to Be

While birds do fly, not all of them fly too highly. There are some that fly near the ground, especially when they are looking for food. Because of this, your fence shouldn’t be any taller than necessary. By keeping your fence height lower, there’s a lower chance that birds will fly into it.

Install a Brush Line

Consider installing some vegetation along your fencing line. This makes it less difficult for birds to determine when there’s an obstacle in their path, which makes it easier for them to avoid your fence. Adding some greenery also has the benefit of making your fencing look more appealing, so there’s added incentive for making this decision.

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