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Types of Fencing That Boost Curb Appeal

Types of Fencing That Boost Curb Appeal

If you’re grappling with different fence ideas to boost curb appeal, here are some choices we recommend.

Are you trying to make your yard stand out among others in your neighborhood? If so, a fence could be the perfect solution for you. If you get the right fence installed, it can completely transform your yard’s appearance. But with so many options from which to choose, deciding on one is no easy task. If you’re grappling with different fence ideas to boost curb appeal, here are some choices we recommend.

Wood Fencing

Think about the classic American white picket fence. It’s been a country staple for decades and still manages to captivate homeowners and passersby to this day. Many wooden fences put looks towards the top of their priority lists. You can select whatever paint color you want for your fence so that it matches your house and yard, and you can even go the extra mile and have gates installed.

Just realize that there is more work that goes into maintaining wooden fences. The curb appeal they offer is superb, but that curb appeal only comes to fruition with hard work and ambition. If you can commit to the labor that comes with a wooden fence, you’ll be left with a gorgeous fence that is sure to impress your neighbors.

Wrought Iron & Aluminum Fences

Wrought iron fences are incredibly sturdy and another timeless classic. These fences tend to complement older houses better because they are more ornate. You can get similar fence styles with other materials, such as powder-coated steel and composite materials. These are cheaper options that also have fewer maintenance requirements.

Aluminum fences have many different picket sizes, as well as post spacing. There are also simpler styles and more fancy choices. Try to find a style that works well with your style of house.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing offers similar curb appeal to wooden fencing because it can look just like wooden fencing. However, unlike wooden ones, vinyl fences don’t have the same maintenance requirements. They don’t have to worry about cracking, rotting, or splitting.

The downside is that they cost a little more upfront. But the lack of maintenance can make up for the added costs. You also can’t replace a single board and be fine most of the time. More often than not, entire sections have to be replaced when you’re making repairs.

But if you’re willing to accept these shortcomings, you can have a fence that looks great with very little work on your end.

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