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How Rain Impacts Fencing and How to Lower Rain Damage

How Rain Can Impact Your Fencing, and How to Minimize Damage From Rain

Let’s go over what rain does that can do damage to your fencing and how you can keep rain damage to a minimum.

Your fencing is going to be put through a plethora of weather conditions, and it will likely be designed to handle all of them…to an extent. One weather condition that can prove problematic is rain. Over time, rain will break down your fencing and require you to get it fixed up. Let’s go over what rain does that can do damage to your fencing and how you can keep rain damage to a minimum.

Ways Rain Can Damage Your Fencing

Many fences are pressure-treated to make them able to stand up to weather more easily. However, you have to make sure you apply the end coat after holes and nails are formed. If you don’t, rain will get through to your fencing eventually and cause damage.

Your fencing’s bottom is a particularly vulnerable area because moisture can build up at ground level. This moisture can steadily wear down your fence posts, making them rot, which ultimately makes them weaker. After fence posts have been weakened, it becomes more susceptible to damage caused by strong winds or debris.

Damage or holes in your fencing can also prevent it from offering you the security or privacy you want. If enough damage accumulates, you’ll eventually have to get your fencing replaced so you can get a fence that serves the function you want it to serve.

Ways to Keep Your Fencing Protected Against Rain

With timber being a popular fencing material, it’s important to pressure treat the panels. Doing this gets preservatives into the fence, which helps it combat damage from sources such as weather.

You’ll also want to get capping rails and post caps. These are helpful because the top of your fencing is likely to absorb rain once it lands on the fence. Capping rails and post caps keep rain from collecting on top of your fencing, meaning there will be significantly less water to absorb.

Lastly, consider getting gravel boards installed. These boards will serve as a barrier that protects the bottom of your fence from any soil that’s been dampened by the rain.

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