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Why You Should Spruce Up Your Residential Fence Before Selling Your Home


Well-kept residential fences can make resale that much easier.

Residential fences provide a number of benefits, ranging from security to aesthetics. These are characteristics that might entice potential homebuyers, but not if the fence providing them is clearly old and decrepit. Think about it from the other side of the coin — if you were out in the market for a new home (which you likely are, if you’re selling your current home), you’d want it to look all nice and new, well loved, and well maintained. Give buyers a reason to put in an offer, and make that reason your residential fence.

Look Good

When selling your home, there are probably some internal home improvement projects that need to be taken on. But don’t let the home improvement stop inside. One of the primary factors that prospective homebuyers look for is visual appeal. If you residential fence is old, rotten, dirty, run-down, or otherwise deteriorating, it’s time to give it a little shot in the arm before your first open house. Whether it just needs a cleaning, a fresh coat of paint, or a fuller rebuild, a little goes a long way in making your home look good for sale.

Feel Good

Besides aesthetics, residential fences are there for a function. It could be keeping pets and children in, or it could be keeping unwanted visitors out. Regardless of your intended function, if your fence is starting to fall apart, it’s less effective in performing that function. Make sure that your fence is able to do its job so that the next family to move in is able to enjoy it as much as you have.

Residential fences are a lovely addition to any home, but when it’s time to sell your home, it’s important that they’re in good shape. Take the proper steps to revive your fence and you’ll have a much easier time on the market.

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