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  • The Process And Benefits of A Wood Lattice Fence

    Custom Western Red Cedar Lattice Fence

    Are you looking to install a wood lattice fence in your backyard? If yes, this article will provide you information on the process of building a wood lattice fence, as well as the benefits.

    A wood lattice fence is a great fencing to install in your backyard or in your front yard to boosts your curb appeal.  The process of installing this fencing is moderately difficult.

    The cut list of the fencing is normally 36 by 51 inch panels. This should be repeated for each panel. Roughly 43 inches of post should be exposed above ground.  The line must be positioned and the postholes need digging. A professional will wrap the posts to keep water from seeping between the wood pieces.

    Sleeves are cut and assembled by a professional fencing company. Then weep holes are drilled and the lattice is cut. Once this is done, the lattice is laid on the frame and post spacing is set.

    A Custom Western Red Cedar Lattice Fence is perfect for home privacy, while still allowing you as a homeowner to have contact with your neighbor. You can even allow plants and vines to grow on your lattice fence to add more privacy while giving an inviting impression.

    This is the perfect fence for gardens and front porches. Use it for your vegetable gardens and flowerbeds. The fence can keep your vegetables and flowers protected from intruders and pests.

    With a lattice fence you have the option of customization while having the appeal of having a handmade structure. Since a lattice fence is made of strips of wood, it can be placed in crisscrossed and diagonal patterns. You can have small diamond patterns or squared shaped holes.

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    Source: Pros and Cons To a Lattice Fence

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