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Keeping Your Wood Fence Protected Against Termites

Keeping Your Wood Fence Protected Against Termites

Here is what you should do to make sure termites don’t destroy your wooden fence.

Termites can wreak havoc on your fence. They feast on wood, raising families that will cause even greater problems if you don’t take care of the problem early on. It can be tough to even know that you have a termite issue until it’s too late, and your fence has already begun to split and fall apart because termites eat away at your fence from the inside out.

The best way to handle termite problems is to prevent them from happening from the start. Here is what you should do to make sure termites don’t destroy your wooden fence.

Constantly Monitor Your Fence

Being aware of everything that happens around your fence is a big deal. By monitoring what goes on, you’ll be able to find noticeable damage the moment it pops up. Common signs of termites include holes in your wood and possible termite droppings.

Go With Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood keeps termites away in a manner that standard wood cannot. It’s a type of wood that has insecticide built right into it. If termites try to burrow into your fence, they won’t be able to accomplish this goal. It’s a slightly more expensive option, but it’s worth it to avoid termite damage. Find out if there is a fencing company near you that offers fences made from pressure-treated wood.

Preserve Your Wood Every Year

If you want your wood to remain free of termites, you have to remain vigilant. Part of keeping the wood protected is to develop a habit of painting your fence and applying a preservative every year. Make sure to apply the coat of preservative before applying the paint. This gives your wooden fence more protection against termites.

Remove Plants and Water From the Area

Termites need a path to get to your wood, and plant life often serves as the perfect gateway to your fence. Clear any plants from the surrounding areas of your fence so that termites don’t have a path to use. Also, make sure the space around your fence is dry. Termites enjoy wood that’s wet and soft because it’s easier for them to eat their way through the wood.

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