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Typical Sources of Fence Damage, and How to Stop Them From Occurring

Typical Sources of Fence Damage, and How to Stop Them From Occurring

There are certain sources of fence damage that are more likely for homeowners to encounter.

A fence will only be reliable when it is well-built and given plenty of care. It will also help give your home extra beauty and elegance. But if you have any fence damage, you might not get that same appeal and functionality. There are certain sources of fence damage that are more likely for homeowners to encounter.


Most construction materials could start corroding after a long enough time period because of the constant exposure they get to moisture and the sun’s UV rays. Fences corrode in different ways. For example, wooden fences will show rot and mold when they corrode, while metal fences may start rusting.

To stop corrosion from happening, choose fencing material that’s well suited for your climate. For wet climates, you should get a fence with water resistance, as an example. Keep your fence clean to keep grime from building up, and get your material refinished. Take your fence manufacturer’s recommendation when refinishing your fence material.

Holes or Gaps

This type of fence damage is often associated with wooden fences more than any other type of fencing. Fence damage like this usually occurs from heavy storms or if your fence suffers a large impact of some kind.

If you don’t want holes to appear on your fence, make sure your fence is installed and repaired professionally. Usually, whenever slats fall off, it’s because proper fastening wasn’t done. Also, the steps needed to prevent corrosion apply here.

Sagging Gate

Your fence gate will start sagging over time. Sometimes, the deformation that results from sagging can make it harder to use the gate. On top of that, your fence won’t be as safe because sagging can create holes that are large enough for any kids and pets you have to get through your fence.

To avoid this problem, let a professional fencing company assess your gates every season. The evaluation should go over components such as the main gate and your hinges. If you need any parts replaced, get them replaced immediately.


Stains are an ugly sight for any fence, and even the best fences will feel the effects of nasty stains. While metal fences are usually fine because you can wash stains away, wooden varieties don’t fare as well against stains. Wooden fences have to be monitored closely because stains can sink into wooden material and turn into permanent marks.

Wiping and brushing your fence regularly is a good precaution to combat stains. Don’t use any substances on your fence until you’ve tested them on material separate from your actual fence. You should also go with a color that can be maintained with ease. Darker colors are often a good choice since they hide stains well.

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