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Figuring Out the Right Height for Your Fence

Figuring Out the Right Height for Your Fence

There are many variables at play when picking out the right fence for you.

There are many variables at play when picking out the right fence for you. You have to consider what material to use, what accessories you might want, how long you expect it to last, and where you want it installed. One factor that isn’t always considered is the fence’s height. Regardless of the fence you’re looking to get, the height it has will influence its look and how it functions.

There are three factors that determine how tall your fencing will be. These factors include its style, the purpose it has, and what local regulations are in place.

Choosing the Right Style of Fence

Good fences don’t simply blend together with the rest of your property. Rather, it should help bring out the beauty of your outdoor landscape. The fencing’s height will determine what kind of vibe your property gives. Taller fences tend to be more imposing, while short ones are often considered to be more welcoming.

Figure Out What Purpose Your Fencing Will Have

All fences have some sort of purpose on a person’s property. Some fences are used as protective borders that protect their gardens from wildlife and keep unwanted visitors away. Others are used to keep pets and small children from leaving the property and getting into danger. Still more fences might be used to give the outdoor landscape more aesthetic appeal.

Knowing what role your fence serves will help you figure out how tall it should be. Keep in mind that regulations in your area will influence how tall it can be. Generally speaking, however, shorter fences help improve your yard’s aesthetic appeal, while taller ones promote greater security.

Property Boundary Fence Height

Your main objective could be as simple as getting your fence installed so you can get a border between your property and the surrounding area. For those with large landscapes, boundary fences help a lot because they help define what parts of land are yours. This will keep people, such as hikers and trespassers, from walking onto your property.

Sometimes, boundary fences can even be suitable for smaller properties since they still help define what land is yours and what land belongs to a neighbor. Boundary fences are usually somewhere between 3 and 6 feet in height. Shorter fences help bring out the beauty of your yard, while taller ones are preferred if your primary goal is to establish a boundary. Just make sure you know what height restrictions there are in your area before starting the installation.

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