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Deciding on The Best Temporary Fencing

Deciding on The Best Temporary Fencing

Here are the criteria that should be met before selecting your temporary fencing.

When a fence is only needed as a short-term solution, temporary fencing can satisfy your security needs. These fences can be removed and put in a different position with ease, making them much more convenient and suitable for situations in which fencing won’t be needed for too long. For your temporary fencing, there are three requirements that the fence should satisfy. Here are the criteria that should be met before selecting your temporary fencing.

Use Temporary Fencing With Heavy Bases

Permanent fences often get secured by using posts or foundations that get planted into the ground. However, this is impractical for temporary fences because planting posts or foundations into the ground only works if you don’t intend to move the fence later. Instead, they use mobile bases that let them stay upright. It’s best to go with temporary fencing that has heavy bases. This is because it becomes harder for potential intruders to move your fence’s panels. The panels also become more resistant to weather conditions, including heavy wind.

Your Temporary Fencing Should Be Made From Sturdy Material

Your temporary fence shouldn’t be flimsy. Just because it’s mobile, doesn’t mean you have to have a fragile fence. Many fences are made out of plastic if the main goal is to establish an identifiable boundary around a given area. If the fence needs to offer more protection, metal temporary fencing is preferred. Keep in mind that, just because you only need temporary protection, that doesn’t mean you should settle for less protection. Temporary worksites deserve just as much protection as permanent ones.

Reliable Structures

Picking out a temporary fence should not be too different from picking out a permanent fence. Both permanent and temporary fencing are meant to define borders and provide protection to established areas. Mesh security fences offer great resilience. The mesh structure helps to cushion any damage caused by impact to your fencing panels. Intruders have a more difficult time making holes in mesh fences as well since they need to cut a single strand of wire mesh at any one time. This solution has worked with permanent fences for a long time, but there’s no reason it can’t work for temporary fencing as well.

Let Hercules Fence Help Set Up The Perfect Fence For You

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