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10 Ways to Create a Dazzling Christmas Lights Display For Your Backyard

Are you contemplating how to make a dazzling Christmas Lights display for your backyard? If yes, we are here to help you create a dazzling Christmas Lights display with 10 expert tips on Christmas lights. Read below to get started.

Start Out Small

If this is your first time doing a Christmas Lights display, let only two or three items to be the focal points. You can always add a new display as the years go by. Some great focal points are trees, bushes and fences.

Be Safe

Make sure you only use lights with Underwriter Laboratories labeling. These types of lights are made specifically to service outdoor purposes.

Know Your Lights

There are many types of lights you can use for the holidays. Some are made to fit every nook and cranny of your home and yard. Some great lights to use in your backyard are blinking rope that can outline windows or net lights that can cover bushes.

Check Weekly For Burned-Out Lights

Make sure you test out light strings for burned-out lights. Replace all burned-out lights. If you do not replace burned-out lights, they will drain power from the entire light string to the point all the light bulbs will become dim.

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