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How To Create a Magical Christmas in Your Backyard

Want Christmas to be magical? If yes, create a magical Christmas in your backyard. Read below to learn how.

Enter Your Magical World

Create a beautiful gate way to your magical world. Use a conventional or innovative gate design. Use lights to brighten your pathway. Find a way to make any guest to your special place eyes pop with excitement.

Name Your Backyard for the Holiday.

Be creative. Create a name that is close to your heart. This is your world. Make it a place of beauty. Make it a place that comforts you. Make it a place of joy.

Populate it with creature ornaments.

Make your backyard an enchanted place with animal ornaments. Use fairies, unicorns, reindeer and bunny ornaments in your backyard design.

Write a story about your magical land.

Make your backyard have a story line. The children will love it, especially if you tell the story on Christmas Eve. Put light decorations and greenery on your fence.

Hide Christmas gifts in the backyard.

Make the backyard a special play for Christmas by hiding small gifts throughout the backyard filled with toys or candy canes. Let the kids play a game to find the hidden gifts.

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