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Keeping Your Wood Fence Protected Against Damage From Wind

Keeping Your Wood Fence Protected Against Damage From Wind

Here is how to keep your wood fence safe from wind damage.

A fence is much more than something you install in your yard to look nice. It also plays a valuable role in keeping your house and aspects of your yard protected. If your fence is made from wood, however, there are certain vulnerabilities it will have that fences made from different materials won’t have. In some instances, it takes more than standard maintenance procedures to keep your wood fence safe, and protecting it from wind damage is one of those situations. Here is how to keep your wood fence safe from wind damage.

Trim Any Trees Nearby Your Wood Fence

Branches and limbs that are looming over your wood fence serve as catalysts for potential damage down the road. Only a tiny gust of wind is needed for these branches to be snapped off of trees, causing them to come crashing down onto your fence.

Since wind threatens to blow these limbs and branches off your trees, you should take a proactive approach and get them down yourself. Eliminating a threat to fence damage before it has a chance to do any harm is always recommended. If the branches/limbs you want to trim are from your neighbor’s trees, you need to ask them for permission before you go trimming them.

Remove Any Large or Loose Objects From Your Yard

It’s not just tree limbs and branches that threaten your wood fence; you also have to worry about objects around your yard being blown into it. If you have objects around your yard that can be moved with ease, you should find an enclosed place to put them so that they are protected when strong winds come around. This keeps them from posing any threat to your fence’s structural integrity. Such objects may include flower pots and patio furniture.

Fix All of the Loose Parts of Your Wood Fence

See if your wood fence has loose components, such as boards, panels, or posts. When these come loose, it’s easier for them to get blown off by heavy winds. Therefore, you should rebury your fence posts if they ever get lifted from underground and fix any fence boards that are either damaged or loose so that they are more prepared to take on the weather.

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